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  1. Daggeron

    Undying Scroll (60% HP)

    your math is wrong.you dont consider undy sets thats when warriors get 12k hp.and undy sc will only benefit warriors which doesnt need any buff.mages,rogues need around 4k base hp to choose undy sc over 2k hp sc
  2. Daggeron

    Undying Scroll (60% HP)

    it will make geared people even more powerful and warriors will be op.full warrior tryhard parties already too strong. mages are main problem.basically damage is too much.even if you have perfect healing timing 6-7 mages with minimum 1k damage will kill you instantly.i can count 8 mage clans in server atm and its too much for current situation.people still keep rerolling to mage just look trade channels.even melees just gets boored and they login their mages because even with beginner items you can hit 1k with nova.also its too easy to access uniqs and talias etc so they become tanky. 10 mage party pk can seem like fun now.but when online numbers starts to decrease and you cant find melees to hit easily most of them wont turn back to other classes instead they will leave server.so to stop more people to going mage admins need to do something.my suggestion is nerf the mage damages or add flame resist to armors
  3. hello normally mage 43 and 56 skills are fail-safe. but in this server damage cancels this effect.i tested this problem with manes of thunder againts mobs but probably all skills like that even againts opponent player
  4. what is your ingame nick?

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