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  1. SheldonCooper


    Seems like an object bugging. I shall hand out a warning if I catch him online, he seems inactive
  2. closing this topic, it seems like more of a beef between you guys. Try to solve it between you if possible, otherwise well, i can only suggest to not communicate with each other if you always get into fights.
  3. SheldonCooper

    got banned

    Hello, (Yizhag Haim - itzikfabio@gmail.com) this name and gmail has been linked with your account regarding donations to the server via paypal service. All transactions associated with your account have been reported with your financial institution that was linked to paypal payments as "unathorized transaction" I suggest you cancel all open disputes of these transactions before we can continue this discussion any further. Associated characters that at one point recharged KC with this PayPal are: HiddenDagger, DOOM, CH4OS, N95, MaKoranHAVA, MrKickYourAss, ZEVEL,SoulSuvivor,Viper Until all disputes are canceled (or re-paid in full) on your end your accounts will remain blocked as it is in violation with our terms of service. You will also be banned from any further KO-MyKO Server. Section: PURCHASES Purchases on our KO-MyKO server are completely voluntary. Before you purchase anything please note that you are not allowed to, and can not charge back as your payment will already be used to support server project. If you attempt to open dispute on paypal your gaming account will be suspended. In your attempt of trying to dispute transaction this section of user agreements will be shown to paypal review specialists along with other articles of user agreements. If you already purchased something and your account has been suspended, reason for your account suspension is violating game rules and (or) user agreements. Please note that if you have purchased something, you have no immunity and you must obey ingame rules and user agreements. KO-MyKO Server vouch that your account will not in any case be suspended falsly or with harmful or fraud intentions. If your account has been suspended it's been justified. (Refference: https://ko-myko.com/tac) Opened cases (and this isn't even all of them): All of these chargeback cases were filled via your bank, some reasons used were "cancelled preapproved payment", although we do not even offer any subscription based services, other of htem being "item not as described", although our system is automated so you get KC as soon as payment is completed, so it cannot be not as described, because you get exactly what you pay for, Knight Cash. Best regards
  4. SheldonCooper

    Suggetions by Bhromka

    1. There is enough farm spots at this time, you have Azazels, you have Death Mares, but some shell parts need to have value, and value is kept as long as it drops via events. By making it farmable, it will reduce the market value of these items, due to the often drops. It is not a good practice to do. Now you join events because you can get items, including shells that don't drop, it gives a new player equal chance for a drop as an old player. If we add it to farming, big clans will again obtain it easier, and the gap is even bigger between old and new players, and market prices also shift again, decreasing the item value. 2. This is not possible, this is 1299, no such thing as expiry items function, if this would be possible we would be using this feature long time ago. Otherwise starter gear is equivalent to md 7 and armors just a little bit weaker then chitins +7, so it is very beginner friendly. The issue is not in beginner items, but in players mentality. They join and play MYKO servers for the thrill of competition, once the starting nostalgia is gone, they find another new server, to get their few weeks of nostalgia and quit, rinse and repeat practice. So the issue is not in the items, items are actually pretty good, but the fact that server is 3 months old, and there really isn't much more for us to do here. 3.Events are always packed at any time, so we will not be re-scheduling it,events are already very diverse, and they are always packed. Just because you work, someone else doesn't, some have night shifts, some have morning shifts, some have afternoon shifts, it's life. 4. Collection Race is scheduled very often, and there has to be gamble element. Some win, some lose, in general it has good drops, we even added exceptional weapons & monster summon scrolls to it. There are already some PUS items dropping (check panel), but we can't add ALL PUS items and especially not Medals. Medals are here to drain the money out of server, by adding it as a reward it pumps the money from the reward (because they are good) back into market instead of draining it,. And as for more PUS items reward, PUS items are PUS for a reason, we also run the server to earn money and if you can obtain literally everything via in-game this easily, then there is no reason to donate for anything. There are also KC Vouchers in CR event reward pool which essentially you can buy any other PUS item with when you collect enough KC. 5. KOXPERs will start farming DMs in eslant again if they drop to good. Also I don't see much point adding directly +6 armors drops, defeats the purpose of farming BUS even more than it already is deducted right now. 6. We added [Snake Queen] & [Harpy Queen], I feel like your expectations are unrealistic with the bosses considering the respawn time of Chaos Stone. It would overflow markets with uniques too much, if we would boost monsters even more, we would also need to increase the respawn time on Chaos Stone if we would only allow good bosses in it, again, it is a gamble what it will spawn, but if we remove lower tier bosses, then we would have to increase the respawn time and this would also decrease PK action. There are already people only camping Chaos Stones & Events, so this would only increase this issue. All of these bosses you listed are still useful, because you can convert the drops into KC. 7. There is already CZ Points + Kill Gift + Collection Race. We won't add another "PK Token" gamble system, it's already enough of everything. 8. It is a gamble, the events are very often, so it has to have good and bad drops, so the good drops are actually worth something. If everyone keep getting good items, it will under-value the items itself. By boosting drops we would also have to reduce the number of Juraid events, we cannot have boosted rewards with such quanity of gems in circulation due to so many Juraid events. Those are not the answers you hoped for, and this will be probably hard for you to understand from a player's perspective, because you are subjective, you wish to obtain best drop for yourself personally, but everyone cannot be winners, it's not how economy works and is built, for items to have value, there has to be bad drops included, so that when you drop a good item, it is actually worth something. If it drops only good items, then the number of events has to be decreased. TL:DR this are very sucjective suggestions based on your luck alone and the fact that you're all starting to get a little lazy and want everything come easy. You should invest some time into Azazel farms aswell as Bifrost farms general progression of gear of unique and rare items will not come easy and will still depend a lot of luck on the upgrades and the gamble. There is no point in gambling if you get everything served on a silver plattern. A new noob guy will get something good and get lucky with the upgrade, you on the other hand always burn stuff, great chance for a new guy to sell that item to you in my opinion, will boost his gear and you will spend your KC or stored GBs to help him. That's how it works no point into turning server in almost a pure PK based server with little or easy farming just because you don't get lucky with maxing out gear with +8s. Bottom line is there is high quantity of events, that's why there are balanced RNGs, and you will often get shitty drops. Solutions are simple. Either reducing number of events and adding better drops, or keeping the drops and gambles as they are now and keep events more oftenly spread so more people in different time zones can join like now. The faster we improve stuff the faster server will die, we both know this much is true. Best
  5. 📅 START: 19.6.2020 18:00 GMT+2 | END: SUNDAY 20:00 ⚠️🔥 🇹🇷 🔥⚠️ ⚙️ TALIMATLAR: Oyuna giris yap, PUS’ta bulunan ucretsiz voucher’i al, NPC Isaac’e ver, PK PK PK 🙂 💎 ESYALAR: +8 Shell Set, +8 High Class Silahlar, +8 70 Kalkani ve +0 Unique Takilar! ⚠️🔥 🇵🇪 🔥⚠️ ⚙️ INSTRUCCIONES: Logea, toma un voucher gratis de PUS, cámbialo en el NPC Isaac, PK PK PK 🙂 💎 ITEMS: Shells+8, High Class Weapons+8, Personal Shield+8, Unique Accesory+0! ⚠️🔥 🇬🇧 🔥⚠️ ⚙️ INSTRUCTIONS: Login, take free voucher from PUS, change in NPC Isaac, PK PK PK 🙂 💎 ITEMS: Shells+8, High Class Weapons+8, Personal Shield+8, Unique Accesory+0!
  6. SheldonCooper

    "Ashes" PC Giveaway

    KO-MYKO.COM | PC giveaway from our player "Ashes"To participate contact Ashes ingame or our discord: Ashes#2990.He will select winner himself.A story behind AshesCancer is a cruel disease it doesn’t discriminate against anyone. It has taken many people from our lives.KO-MYKO player Ashes, is fighting his final moments. He reached out to us with a wish that he wants to donate his PCto a player that is really in need of a decent PC. To participate you need to reach him online, he will then select a winner himself and ship the PC to his address.Ashes, KO-MYKO Team is thinking of you!""It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, and a day to love them, but it takes an entire lifetime to forget them. When you die, that doesn’t mean you lost to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live.""
  7. SheldonCooper

    30.05.2020 CHANGELOG

    Effective after next restart but already applied in the database: 1. NPCs in Luferson and Elmorad Castle have been boosted with some drops to give incentive for wars and invasions. 2. NPCs that exist only in Luferson Town or Elmorad Castle Town (for example: Warriors Master Skaky, Mantle, Election Ruben etc..) will now drop: Gold Chest with 15% drop rate + 4x Essence of bowl with 100% rate. NPCs like Armor, Sundries, Potions are excluded as they are also spawned elsewhere. 3. All other NPCs that are not exclusively unique for Main land town area, will drop 5x Essence of Bowl with 100% drop rate.
  8. SheldonCooper

    29.05.2020 CHANGELOG

    1. Two Accessory Items upgrade have been unlocked to +2. Mysitical jewels and BDW Belts can now be upgraded to+2 with 25% success rate. 2. Small stat modifications have been implemented in basic game defensive belts like all skeleton belts, all bronze belts, all iron belts. Between 1 - 4 STR/DEX stats have been added to these belts depending of type and grade of the belt to balance it better with BDW belts and overall to fit better in KO-MYKO game content. WE believe this will give those items a bit more value on the market and more diversity.
  9. SheldonCooper

    Undying Scroll (60% HP)

    HP built warriors with sundries resistance potions can already tank out mage party with a properly timed heals. By adding undy scrolls everyone could could easily outtank everything with 3 priests. It would make a PK way to slow paced, and probably causing mages to quit the server. If the mage party times the meteors perfectly now at least they get kills, with undy scrolls not only mages become obsolete, but it would turn the server into a warrior server. It would just not be possible to win against a warrior melle setup in the current 72 cap. Now at least it requires some dodging and smart pvp tactics. 5 warriors + 3 priests party setup is already a monster setup with 2k scrolls as it is right now. that is exactly why we don't want to add this. Usko has this on 83 cap servers with undefeatable, UTC weapons, with max upgrade unlocked to +10. And if you take a look at some usko pk videos, you can see how long the fights are lasting with undying scrolls. It becomes rather boring. I don't think the general player base would favor that kind of scrolls, hence we won't add them. Best
  10. SheldonCooper

    27.05.2020 CHANGELOG

    New Bi-Frost collection race has been scheduled and added to the game. 1.The Bifrost collection race will begin after 30 minutes from Bifrost start. 2.It has been scheduled three times per week alongside BF (look at Panel scheduler) 3.You will need to hunt 20x Ego, 20x Glutton & 20x Wrath 4.Fixed reward: 2x arrogance frag, 2x glutton frag, 2x rage frag + 5m coins + 250 NP After next server restart: 1. Mini Isiloon, Isiloon, Minion of Felankor & Bi-Frost monument AC will be nerfed. 2. Valky transformation scroll will give you +6 NP per kill instead of +5 NP per kill. UPCOMING (NEAR FUTURE): I am half-done with exceptional weapons, I will do my best to push them out asap, but since they do not exist in our database, I have to make the items from scratch (very time consuming).
  11. SheldonCooper

    22.05 CHANGELOG

    1. Forsaken Chitin Shield can now be upgrade with a special scroll to a Chitin Shield+0. Scrolls drops from Ejderha, Isiloon and Mini Isiloon. Ejderha 100%, Isiloon 40%, Mini Isiloon 30%. Chance to succeed at making a normal chitin shield is 20%. 2. Ejderha overall AC nerfed, that should make it killable a bit easier 3. Ejderha old roc / old rol added to 60% each beside all other existing drops, Forsaken CS to CS (20% Chance Upgrade Scroll) Added 4. Styx mana drain has been nerfed from 3000 drain to 2400 mana drain. 5. Kekurikekukaka, Hyde, Antares has 50% chance to drop gamble items like chest, gems and fragments. More info on droplist 6. Beginner level jump scroll is set to LV68
  12. SheldonCooper

    18.05 CHANGELOG

    For our MY/USA/PERU players we have added some events at 8:00 AM Server Time. They are not on scheduler cause we need to rework something to squeeze it in there but they are scheduled with notices ingame accordingly: Monday: Death Match event Tuesday: Collection Race Wednesday: Collection Race Thrusday: Collection Race Friday: Mini Isiloon (CZ Bowl) Saturday: Collection Race Sunday: Collection Race
  13. ENG Fellow Knights, Today is the 2 month anniversary of KO-MYKO.COM! There will be extra manual bosses spawning in CZ at 21:00 Server Time when the collection Race in CZ starts :) A little treat for you guys, for being so loyal! Be online let's have great PK and Boss Hunt! :) TR Değerli Şövalyeler! Bugün KO-MYKO.COM'un ikinci ayını doldurdu! Sunucu saati ile 21:00'da Collection Race başladığında CZ de extra manuel bosslar olacak! :) Sadakatiniz için küçük bir ödül olarak kabul edin! Online kalın, harika PK ve BOSS AVInın tadını birlikte çıkaralım! :) ESP Compañeros Guerreros, Hoy es el aniversario de 2 meses de KO-MYKO.COM! Habrán bosses apareciendo en CZ a las 21:00 Horario del Servidor(2:00PM Horario Peruano) cuando el CR empience en CZ. Un pequeño regalo para ustedes, por ser tan leales! Esten en linea, tengamos un buen PK y Boss Hunt! :) MY Hello Knights, Hari ini adalah ulang tahun 2 bulan KO-MYKO.COM! Akan ada bos manual tambahan di CZ pada 21:00 Waktu Server apabila koleksi perlumbaan in CZ bermula :) Sedikit imbuhan untuk kalian, kerana begitu setia! Jadilah dalam talian mari kita mempunyai PK dan Boss Hunt yang hebat!
  14. SheldonCooper

    Essence of the bowl exchange suggestion

    I've had a talk with Flash. And we have reworked few rewards, removed most of staffs, enion bow. Added Juraid earrings and tad increased rate on HB, CHD and old iron belt.
  15. SheldonCooper

    12.05.2020 Changelog

    12.05.2020 CHANGELOG:1. CR Item Rewards: +9 Accessories completely removed. You can now win 20x Essence of Bowl, 40x Essence of Bowl and 60x Essence of bowl as CR Reward instead of +9 accesories, also increased rate to win gold chests.2. PK 200 Kills Rewards: +9 Accessories completely removed, Chitin Armor Completely Removed. +4 Glave, +4MD, +4 IXB, +4 Tota removed. You can now get Shells instead of chitins, 20x, 40x, 60x Essence of Bowl added. Master Items added to PK rewards (as you know there is quest you can turn them to KC if you don't want to sell them for coins so this is good for both keeping master items high so new players can buy them cheap, and old player can convert them to KC), Tad increased rate to win gold chest and trina. Armor Enchant Pack 30, Weapon Enchant Pack 30 Added, Mennisah TS Scrolls added.3. Knight's Medals Rewards: Chitins+5 are completely removed and replaced with Shells+4. Selfname Restore Scroll is now removed and replaced with NP Increase 20% Scroll. ----------- TURKISH ------------ 1.Collection Race Ödülleri: +9 Takılar tamamen kaldırıldı. Artık CR’ı tamamladığız zaman +9 takı yerine; 20x Essence of Bowl, 40x Essence of Bowl veya 60x Essence of Bowl kazanabilirsiniz. Ayrıca Gold Treasue Chest’in düşme oranı artırıldı. 2.PK 200 Katletme Ödülleri: +9 Takılar, +4 Chitinler, +4 Glave, +4 MD, +4 Ironx, +4 Totamic club ödül havuzundan kaldırıldı. Artık Chitin yerine Chitin Shell kazanacaksınız. CR’da olduğu gibi 20x, 40x ve 60x Essence of Bowl ödül havuzuna eklendi. Mastery eşyaları ödül havuzuna eklendi. (Bu sayede kazandığınız Master eşyalarını isterseniz Lilly isimli NPC’de KC’ye çevirebilir, isterseniz de oyuna yeni başlayan oyuncuların master açmalarına yardımcı olmak için pazarda satabilirsiniz). Gold Chest Treasure ve Trina düşme oranı artırıldı. Ayrıca Armor Enchant 30x Pack, Weapon Enchant 30x Pack ve Mennisah TS Scrollleri ödül havuzuna eklendi 3.Knight’s Medal Ödülleri: +5 Chitinler ödül havuzundan kaldırılarak yerlerine +4 Sheller eklendi. Selfname Restore Scroll kaldırıldı. SN scroll yerine ödül havuzuna %20 NP artışı sağlayan Scroller eklendi.

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