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    Here are winners from our forum comment event. Congratulations! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6O39FbRIVk Forum nickname: Showmachine Awarded Forum nickname: ScreamOfHell Forum nickname: IT4CHI Forum nickname: Jane Awarded Winners please PM me on FORUM. from your original nickname. Provide your login ID for your official account, so we can award the KC. **You must PM through the Forum system.** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [EN] Fellow Knights! We are introducing FORUM COMMENT Event. To participate in this EVENT simply reply in this topic with your character nick that you are going to use on official launch Example: Make a reply to this topic with the following information: Nick: Flash We will randomly select 4 comments that will win 2000 Knight Cash on official opening, it is that simple! 🙂 [TR] Değerli Şövalyeler! FORUM YORUM Etkinliği ile karşınızdayız. Etkinliğe katılmak için tek yapmanız gereken bu başlığın altına resmi lansmanda kullanacağınız nickinizi yazmaktır. Katılım örneği: Nick: Flash Yorum yazanlar arasından 4 tane kazanan seçeceğiz ve kazanan her oyuncuya resmi lansmanda geçerli 2000 Knight Cash ödül vereceğiz.
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    WeryStrong OneMoreChance - Leader DontCastingFailed - Assis Tyrone - Assis StrykeR - Assis Zanzaquivu - Member OneHitWonder - Member Tyrano - Member IMUNDANE - Member SPARTACUS - Member PaqitO - Member Oportunity - Member Darz -Member Locoman -Member LuckyHit -Member Mikasa -Member MAFIOSO -Member iNebuuLaa -Member Chikilin -Member SekoDv -Member https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P71kuvIkRDk
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    Clan Name : AdultsOnly --Payton --AreYouScared --Yann --Mr0bject --Wolfie --Bomberman --iRossany --Darrio --FoxMovie --Play4fun
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    Hey everybody! I'm going to get my place(the first on priest rank) in new Ko-Myko SPARTA project. I wish best luck for the other players, cuz they'll need it. Stay isolation, stay healty. Regards. By the way i am: MaiacetusInuus Contact me: fb.com/maiacetus.inuus.9 Youtube: Video Link
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