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    Clan: SOZDEHERKESBIZ Leader: ImpressivePoLemiQx7 Member 1: ArsemiaPoLemiQx7 Member 2: YolandiVisser Member 3: HzMelikŞah Member 4: Ablub Member 5: ANERYA Member 6: StoopidRich Member 7 :WounD
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    Clan. AdultsOnly Leader : payton Member : AreYouScared Member : dragonwarrior Member : D4nger Member : Venus Member : Sadek Member : ZeroOrange Member : Irossany
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    Clan: TimeOfRevenge Leader: OsmanAmca Member 1: xL Member 2: Asklepios Member 3: igor Member 4: IMMORTAL Member 5: Ojo Member 6: Floki Member 7: Paparazzi Member 8: xLemon Member 9: FrerySWH Member 10: ELVIS4EVER Member 11: Lobotomizer Member 12: theChaOs Member 13: Tripa Member 14: ToyotaGibiAdam Member 15: Unfollow Member 16: SexWithDevil Member 17: 0jo Member 18: RAW
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    Clan: EMPEROR Leader: ImmortalKing Member 1: Sokiani Member 2: RomantikAvci Member 3: HuzunGeldi Member 4: WarriorTheLast Member 5: KaiserSoza Member 6: Mokka Member 7: TPx Member 8: TevratIncedil (poke)
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    Clan: HowIMeetYourMother Leader: HIMYMxEndymion Member 1: HIMYMxDizzci Member 2: HIMYMxBlackEagle Member 3: MIMYMxStrawberry Member 4: HIMYMxHannibaL Member 5: HIMYMxWalkingDonut Member 6: HIMYMxZincirkiran Member 7: HIMYMxAblanStarr
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    Clan: KissedByAsos Leader: Crispi Member:TheReason Member:PawnzGambit Member:Z4R Member:ZxCursed Member:TranqiLa Member:Atticus Member:Curiosity Member:AESTRAL Member:James
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    Clan: FreeDoom Leader: Kaira Member 1: spiderboy Member 2: Blackpearl Member 3: Blackberry
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    HELIOS BETA will start 11.3.2022 18:00 GMT+1 / 20:00 TR We have something special ready for you for the HELIOS BETA ! Top player of each class of each nation that will rank on BETA will receive amazing rewards on HELIOS Official (18.3.2022)  1st place (Karus Rogue + Human Rogue): Wings of Allegiance 1x (7 days expirable) + Gold autoloot premium voucher (30 days) 1st place (Karus Warrior + Human Warrior): Wings of Allegiance 1x (7 days expirable) + Gold autoloot premium voucher (30 days) 1st place (Karus Priest + Human Priest): Wings of Allegiance 1x (7 days expirable) + Gold autoloot premium voucher (30 days) 1st place (Karus Mage + Human Mage): Wings of Allegiance 1x (7 days expirable) + Gold autoloot premium voucher (30 days)
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    Gerçek Myko geliyor kurban olduğum ❤️ Tabi ki de yine burdayım. Nick: Maiacetusinuus 10k priest oynuyorum zaten biliyor bilen team arıyorum şuan team yok yazın tanışalım 😄
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    In myko 1299 client there are no 72 skill mechanics and also can not be implemented to the game. Like blinding effects for the rogue 72 skill. I think you are not a very skilled rogue to be honnest, I've noticed you've been complaining about class balance all the time and that rogue is weak. But I see strongest rogues on server doing 2v1 or 3v1 on warriors, so why would we give an extra strong skill to assassin? This doesn't make any sense at all to me. Maybe it's time for you to change the class ... assasssin is not your best, is what I can conclude from all the remarks coming from you so far 🙂 Best Regards
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    Hello boiz, i have a few suggetion for up the activity on server. 1-) First and most important we need good hard farm spot. Cause when we are 8 ppl we cant farm anywhere. We trying to farm on DEATH MARE but that's not enough for us atm. Cause if i do solo bs/beast like newcomer i'll earn more money on there. U can add Titan it can drop shell pauldron pad exc items etc. Or u can add fragment/chest/gem mob on CZ. Cause big parties needs a reason to come cz. Nowadays ppl only come for events but if u add gg farm spot for us we can fight for that spot. That spot can replace the Dark Mare's(on near the bowl just 1 spot). This will be up the activity on the CZ. Also this spot can have countable quest like reward 200x kill and take 1x boss summon sc. 2-) Newcomer items have to be Chitin+7 set and rappy shard +7 for 1 week. It's like a rental system. If they like the server they'll farm and fight with us with that items. If they dont like the server they can pk with that items and activity will up. This is win-win situation for us. Also auto master have to be come. Master items can exchange for KC so they still have a value. Also u can do this rental system with KC if ppl wanna play 1 more week with that items they have to pay 1-1.5k KC . 3-) Event schadule have to adjust again. Cause we are playing on Europian time zone and corona efect is end every on have to work for living. That's why we cant join any BF on weekdays. As u guys know BF's most crowded events but we are working on that hour also our peruvians friends cant join on that time. So in this schadule not good for any time zone. BDW time and BF time can change. Cause when ppl at work who doesnt working can fight on BDW with eachother and can have fun. Also all the BF's have to be CR-BF. Cause it's uping the activity. 4-) Collection race and 200x kill reward have to be adjust. Cause this is MYKO server and noone need mage shell. In my opinion rewards have to be Pus Items + maybe Knight Medal 5-) Stone Golem - Minion of Dark Mare and DARK MARE drops have to be adjust also. That slots have to be newcomer helper. For example stone golem's chitin drop rate can be up, minion of dark mare can drop +5-+6 chitin's and +1 shell gauntlet-boots and DARK MARE can drop +4 high class items and +4 shell gauntlet-helmet-boots +6 chitin's with good drop rate. 6-) Chaos stone obl-lycaon-lupus-lobo-lesath-shaula-barkk-bakkira have to remove. That stone have to be really chaotic. 7-) U can add pk stones. And for example 1000x pk stone and u can gamble it like essence. Also we can use that stones for buying new selfname weapon. Cause too many priest is afraiding burning their shield 8-) Gem and fragment's drop rate have to be adjust. I'm playing on this server till day 1 and my activity is pretty good. I never got any drop from this stones. Yeah i'm unlucky person but my whole clan dont wanna farm on Bifrost and they saying mehh we dont need crimson etc. Have to be remove crimson-toto club-harpoon-blade etc. drop from this stones. Cause noone need that shitty items. 9-) Also u can create new discord channel for only top clans leaders and loyal member of server. So we can discuss on there for our server. Thanks in advance. Karus King TheBhromka (as always Bhromka CARES)

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