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  1. Fellow Knights! We are introducing FORUM COMMENT Event. To participate in this EVENT simply reply in this topic with your character nick that you are going to use on official launch Example: Make a reply to this topic with the following information: Nick: GM_SheldonCooper We will randomly select 4 comments that will win 2000 Knight Cash on official opening, it is that simple! 🙂 [TR] Değerli Şövalyeler! FORUM YORUM Etkinliği ile karşınızdayız. Etkinliğe katılmak için tek yapmanız gereken bu başlığın altına resmi lansmanda kullanacağınız nickinizi yazmaktır. Katılım örneği: Nick: GM_SheldonCooper Yorum yazanlar arasından 4 tane kazanan seçeceğiz ve kazanan her oyuncuya resmi lansmanda geçerli 2000 Knight Cash ödül vereceğiz.
  2. Fellow Knights! We are introducing BRING YOUR CLAN Event. To participate in this EVENT simply reply in this topic with your clan name & clan member names that they will use. Rule clan must have minimum 5 or more unique members (minimum 5 different people in clan), to receive the 14 days gold premium voucher you must have atleast 4000 National Points on the character! Example: Make a reply to this topic with the following information: Clan: EMPIREUNITED Leader: Murat Member 1: Blabla Member 2: Karaaac Member3: Babebab We will randomly select 5 winning clans after official. Clan leader of each winning clan will receive 5000 Knight Cash and every clan member which you included in the name list will receive 14 days of gold premium as well. [TR] Sevgili Şovalyeler!  Etkinliğe katılmak için bu başlığın altına klan adınızı ve klanınızda yer alacak üye adlarını yazmanız yeterlidir. Etkinliğe katılabilmek için en az 5 tane farklı clan üyesine sahip olmanız, 14 günlük premium voucherı alabilmek için ise karakterinizde en az 4000 NP bulunması gerekmektedir! Örneğin: Bu konuya aşağıdaki bilgiler gibi cevap verin: Clan: EMPIREUNITED Leader: Murat Member 1: Blabla Member 2: Karaaac Member3: Babebab Resmi lansmandan sonra yapacağımız çekiliş ile rastgele 5 clan seçeceğiz. Etkinliği kazanan her klanın, klan lideri 5000 Knight Cash alacak ve tanıtımda verdiğiniz klan üye listesine dahil olan üyeler 14 günlük Gold premium kazanacak.
  3. Flash

    o_O за что?

    You do. You utilize pre-made .xml scripts that read colors and execute action at specific %. Your gold farming story with your 20+ virtual PC's at KO-MYKO is over.
  4. https://ko-myko.com/rules Your MACRO is illegal because it's not a MACRO anymore. It reads screen colors and does specific actions like AUTO TP at 0 HP, auto heal at % and so on. Gold farmers like you harm our network and we will not tolerate it. Only a simple macro (Z1 Z1) is allowed.
  5. You're using color-reading macro's which is not allowed. Your mage teleports you exactly at 0 HP, presses OK automatically, and heals you up at specific HP & MP %. This type of software is illegal, you can only use normal z1z1 macro. If you will no longer use color-reading tools you can apply at https://unban.ko-myko.com
  6. PM me on Discord (Flash). I will fix you via anydesk. Regards
  7. Flash

    Angel wings of Loyality

    Hello. Angel Wings can be obtained in-game normally, merchant tokens can be exchanged for Angel Wings +0, and Angel wings can be upgraded to +2 normally.
  8. Flash


  9. Flash

    My account blocked

    Hello, the system has auto ban and auto unban. You are not permanently banned. After event ends, account will be unbanned automatically.
  10. Flash

    Looking for a clan

    Hello Oimit. You could PM DSYNCHRONIZED (OneKnightStand) or Bhromka on discord (TheLegendary). They are both well organized and actively plays our servers.
  11. Flash

    item lost

  12. Windows Defender is trying to modify knightonline.exe Please exclude Launcher, KO.EXE & client folder from virus detection in windows defender.
  13. I've connected to your PC via TeamViewer. Here is a complete log output from your computer registry scan (as you know, trace of hacks remain your registry): https://pastebin.com/raw/AfU17UjE Based on this log, we can find inside: InProcServer32\C:\Users\DTCM\Desktop\Yeni klasör\MSWINSCK.OCX InProcServer32\C:\Users\DTCM\Desktop\Yeni klasör\MSWINSCK.OCX C:\Users\DTCM\Desktop\Yeni klasör\KoPluginGlobal_v9.1.2.exe Furthermore, you can see the elements, included with KOPlugin KOXP. Your computer had a trace associated to "Yeni klasör\MSWINSCK.OCX", which proves it. Not to mention, you've also been using KOPlugin on other servers, with higher then 1299 version (where you used the KoPluginGlobal variation). You were banned, because our systems detected casting of 2 potions in death match event at the same time. I invited you to legally show me how you cast 2 pots, where it says : Using [Unlimited ] Potion Using [Unlimited DM] Potion twice in the same packet return(which is only possible with KOXP to cast 2 packets at the same time), and you were unable to do it again, legally, as it requries KOXP to do so. The ban is justified, and your account is locked in accordance to our ToS.

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