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  1. MindlessRookie's account and others belonging to you were involved in the transfer of the item stealing, including ScreamOfHell, your ban is justified. You were cooperating in this scam to help move ThomasShelby the items. Here are the logs of your account ID cooperation: The items were traded to 54KUZEN54 (ACC ID: tantana001) and some to MindlessRookie as well, the same IP traces back to your chars. Your ban will not be lifted, and there is not much point to discuss nor argue it anymore. Your accounts were used in cooperation of the hacking, if you were sharing the account or not, it is completly irrelevant. The accounts are banned as per our ToS as the stolen items were moved through them. You accepted items from WarriorJR's secondary BaBaFINGo as well. You knew completly what was coming next (hacking of main account) 2021, 2, 19, 0, 26, 9, BaBaFiNGo, MindLessRookie, 16, 77970845120230398, 111210006, 1, 11000, 1, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 0, 26, 9, BaBaFiNGo, MindLessRookie, 15, 77970845120230398, 111210006, 1, 11000, 1, 0, 0, 1 Read our ToS: https://ko-myko.com/tac This case is CLOSED and there is nothing to add here. You cannot claim your innocence as your accounts were used in this incident. As per our ToS shared accounts are equally guility when something goes wrong, and no support is provided. It makes you equally guilty (even if your story that it wasn't you but your account was used) is true, as you willingly gave your account to Shelby. The mess is done, and nothing can resolve it anymore, you should resolve this in real life, with Shelby directly, there is nothing for us to do, our rules are clear. WarriorJR lost 98% of his items as well, but that's life. Actions have consequences. What we suggest for you to do is post Whatsapp conversation between you and Shelby over this argument, that would at the very least, clear your name. Regards
  2. New evidence: The account in question has been sold by TBLx team, at this point, it's pretty obvious they've made a full scam out of this. Their time at KO-MYKO project is over. It's however still unsolved why so many users had access to the account (excluding tblx team) and who the actual owner of the account is.
  3. ThomasFuckingShelby ve ekibinin hırsız ve hacker oldukları doğrulandı. Server saatine göre saat 1:45’te eski clan üyeleri olan WarriorJR’ın hesabına giriş yaptılar. ( Hesap paylaşımını bir kenara bırakırsak ki bu paylaşım yapıldı, TBL ekibi şifresini biliyordu ve hesabına erişti.) Ekran görüntüsüne göre WarriorJR’ın hesabına girenin ThomasShelby’nin bilgisayarının HWID ve IP’sini görebilirsiniz. Burada aynı IP’den girilen hesap ID’leri ve karakter adlarıyla ilişkili kendi karakterlerine giriş yaptığını görebilirsiniz. sitevin88 - ThomasFuckingShelby / Pavlushshenka asyjjmm - screamofhell,tacir,psicopata asyjm01 - mindlessrookie Ayrıca, "tantana007" sahibinin hesap kimliğini "taklit etmeye" çalışan 2 hesap (tantana001 & tantana002) oluşturdular ve öğeleri bu şekilde taşıdılar. 2021, 2, 19, 1, 52, 24, WarriorJR, 54KUZEN54, 16, 77970828023248066, 330110151, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 1, 52, 24, WarriorJR, 54KUZEN54, 15, 77970828023248066, 330110151, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 1, 52, 23, WarriorJR, 54KUZEN54, 16, 77970828091096902, 149131227, 1, 12535, 1, 0, 0, 1 Örneğin server saatiyle 1:52’de 2x old roc ve hb+7 yi çaldınız. Sonrasında server saatiyle saat 3’te Cyb3r1ns4n3’e facebooktan mesaj attınız ve hb+7’yi 100 dolara banka havalesiyle satmaya çalıştınız. Basit olarak item WarriorJR’dan 54KUZEN54’e, 54KUZEN54’ten KARASULU54’ei KARASULU54’ten PATOPAZAR’a ondan ThomasShelby’e ve sonunda yan karakter GOODFELLAS’a geçti. (İroni) Bunlara ek olarak GOODFELLAS’ın HWID’sine baktığımızda da NEVEOUS’un izi çıktı. Işte bu da ThomasShelby’nin çaldığı itemı CYB3R1NS4N3’e facebooktan satmaya çalıştığının ispatı. NOT: Fiery roc warriorjr’nin çalınan rocları ile upgrade edilmiştir. 021, 2, 19, 2, 19, 8, PatoPazar, UPGRADE2, 1, 77970845234550307, 330110151, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 2, 19, 8, PatoPazar, UPGRADE2, 1, 77970827752251262, 330110151, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 2, 19, 8, PatoPazar, UPGRADE2, 1, 77970828023248066, 330110151, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 Bunun arkasında iyi bir açıklama olsa iyi olur@ThomasFuckingShelby. Malesef itemlar gerçek oyunculara satıldı, bu yüzden WarriorJR davası için yapabileceğim hiçbir şey yok.Herkesi ThomasShelby’den aldığı itemlara ilişkin chargeback yapmaya davet ediyorum ( server saatine göre saat 1 ile saat 9 arası )(muhtemelen çabuk nakite çevirmek için ederinin altınada satılmıştır.) Durumun böyle olmadığına dair kanıtlar içeren uygun bir iddianız yoksa, ekibiniz gelecekteki tüm sunucularımızdan kalıcı olarak banlanacaktır! Henüz gerçek para ÖDEMEDİYSENİZ, şefkatli olmanızı ve eşyaları WarriorJR'ye iade etmenizi tavsiye ederim.
  4. [EN] It is confirmed that @ThomasFuckingShelby and his team are scammers and hackers (specifically Shelby & NEVEOUS). At 1:45 AM (Server Time), they've logged into WarriorJR account (if you put account sharing aside, which he did, TBLx team still knew the password and accessed the account) as WarriorJR is an ex- clan member. Based on the screenshoot you can see HWID & IP of ThomasShelby's computer that accessed WarriorJR's account. Here you can see this same IP loggining into his own characters associated with account ID's and char names: sitevin88 - ThomasFuckingShelby / Pavlushshenka asyjjmm - screamofhell,tacir,psicopata asyjm01 - mindlessrookie Furthermore, they made 2 accounts (tantana001 & tantana002) - trying to "mimick" account ID of the owner "tantana007", and moved the items like this. 2021, 2, 19, 1, 52, 24, WarriorJR, 54KUZEN54, 16, 77970828023248066, 330110151, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 1, 52, 24, WarriorJR, 54KUZEN54, 15, 77970828023248066, 330110151, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 1, 52, 23, WarriorJR, 54KUZEN54, 16, 77970828091096902, 149131227, 1, 12535, 1, 0, 0, 1 Example of log where you steal 2x old ROC & HB +7 at 1:52 AM server time. You then PM Cy3brinsane on facebook at 3 AM server time and try to sell him HB+7 for $100 via bank transfer Basically items were traded from warriorJR to 54KUZEN54, to KARASULU54, from KARASULU54 to PATOPAZAR, which traces back to ThomasShelby and finally to a side character GOODFELLAS (the irony). Adittionally, the HWID track linked to GOODFELLAS char also back-traces to NEVEOUS. Here is a proof of ThomasShelby offering the stolen items via facebook to CY3BRINSANE. PS: Fiery ROC was upgraded out of WarriorJR's stolen old ROC's. 021, 2, 19, 2, 19, 8, PatoPazar, UPGRADE2, 1, 77970845234550307, 330110151, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 2, 19, 8, PatoPazar, UPGRADE2, 1, 77970827752251262, 330110151, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 2021, 2, 19, 2, 19, 8, PatoPazar, UPGRADE2, 1, 77970828023248066, 330110151, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 There better be a good explanation behind this @ThomasFuckingShelby. Unfortunately the items were sold to real players so there is nothing I can do for WarriorJR's case. I invite everyone to charge back ThomasShelby if you've been buying stolen items from him from 1 AM server time to 9 AM server time (probably under-sold to make a quick $ flip). If there is no proper argumentation with proofs that this was not the case, your team will be permanently banned from all of our future servers! If you didn't PAY real money yet, I advise you to be compassionate and return the items to WarriorJR.
  5. Flash


    As this is an event item we reserve the right to set special promotions and different prices per events. This is not a standard offer in our PUS. Best, Flash
  6. Flash

    Questions, Comments, Suggestions

    Question? 1) Why does any piece of gear a character equips give resistances - even if the gear gives no resistance at all? Answer: Because stun rates are hard-coded in 1299 files and we cannot change them, the only solution to ensure not everyone is getting rekt 100% of the time is to add at least base resistances to the armor, and even with those, the stun/slow rate is still insane. This helps with the issue, albeit still annoying, mage is a class played in a group of 8, which causes serious slow/stun success rate. Question? 2) What do resistances ACTUALLY do? (No, not the self explanatory "common sense" bull shit) Answer: They decrease the chance of being slowed/stunned. Once skill is cast on you game draws an RNG number, if the number is lower then your total resistance, you get stunned or slowed, if it's within your resistance range, you should be OK. If you'd have 0 resistance, this mean you'd actually be slowed/stunned EVERYTIME. And since the RNG is already iffy, you already get stunned and slowed a shitton. This shouldn't be looked at from a single char perspective, but from a PK based, gameplay perspective. People play mages in groups of 8, hitting 8 stun or slow skills, while 1 will for sure affect you. Due to that fire skills deal the highest damage, while slow/ice skills, has lowered damages as they have the perk of stunning or slowing. MP Acessory doesn't really do anything in 1299, it only helps with monsters in 1299 and doesn't increase damage to the actual PvP damage dealt. suggestion: Update tooltips with correct information that is useful to a player like any other MMO game - it will actually inform the player what DOES and DOESNT work and tell players what skills ACTUALLY do as opposed to simply stating "250% attack" or "skill will slow" etc, etc; if something says it will SLOW, then ACTUALLY make it slow without. Answer: We are a private server, we actually expect you to be familiar with the game and basic game mechanics (that are the same for 20+years), it doesn't really seem like our job to explain how malaysian's developed the game back-end, no hot water to be found here and no special things done to it that would overwrite the default game design. Question? 3) Why haven't you implemented some sort of calculator or spread sheet on how stats work and correlate to each other? How does a character's ATTACK POWER correlate to the amount of AC or Defense a character has for example? Answer: We don't have the time nor the will to reverse-engineer base ebenezer to output you the exact variables and calculations. We balance our database and classes through skill testing, middle tier gear and skilled KO players, we don't actually balance anything based on back end formulas, but based on testing ourselves. I don't even see Steam KO providing you with an official calculator, why do you think a private server that is ran as a hobby would develop it? Question? 4) Why were Mages and Rangers nerfed to the ground in terms of being able to cancel spell casts? They weren't nerfed at all. To put it frankly, the mage team that hit the stun aoe skill first, stunned the other mage team pretty much at a 100% success rate and they just waited to be killed, which made group gameplay non-enjoyable. This patch was implemented to make PK and gameplay more enjoyable: 1. All mage aoe skills 33,45,60,70 now CAN NOT CANCEL priest party heals and other 45+ LV healing skills. 2. All mage aoe skills also CAN NOT CANCEL another mage team's casting of aoe skills! 3. Archer's dark pursuer skill and shadow hunter skill CAN NOT cancel any priest heals (45+) or any mage AOE casting skill also (Why? Lighning works so agressively, it was 100% cancel when 8 mages form a party, this solves it, and mages still kill everyone with 8 novas) Quests info bars etc. Answer: Basically you're OCD about the quests that are self-explanatory and same for the past 20 years, people know them by memory (again, we're a private server, users that join, join with knowledge already, and if a newcomer comes to a private server, he quite franky, stands no chance as everyone has at least basic form of combo knowledge, which can only be taught through pratice). Majority is available in Guides section anyway. Master skills: What do they do? Answer: They do what is described, once you red-ball the master bonus actives and reduces damage input. Ending: You're probably not going to like these answers, but I couldn't even read through your post without getting a headache from all the statistics questions. To be honest, you're very intrigued about learning of KO fundamentals, which even i couldn't bore myself with (really honest answer), so I suggest you to join a KO dev forum: http://ko4life.net/ and you'll learn much more.
  7. Flash

    Sherion/new style scroll

    Returned. Best
  8. Flash

    Sherion/new style scroll

    Relog or open and close Power Up Store will return your item. It doesn't really burn the item, just visual. Regards
  9. Flash

    Hit me

    Since you took it publically, I will also provide proofs, publically. You were banned for using KOPlugin during yesterday's death match event, conveniently for you, it's free from 4 PM to 5 PM server time. Our skill hack log is alarming us that you are hammering Death Match skill directly, with bypassing the KO utilization packet. This means you were hitting the skill, without it signaling "Using DM Blade" first, but in fact, you hit the skill directly, bypassing the start-up packets. This can only be possible with a KOXP. I'd love for you to show me how to hit a skill for example, that deals damage, but doesn't output the "Using Spike" info box. This is exactly what was going on at the time of yesterday's DM. Skils were being cast, but no start-up packets were being detected (Using SKILLNAME). After this, I've requested access to your PC via teamviewer to inspect, at this point it was obvious, but I just wanted to confirm on your end. When I requested teamviewer access you logged off and logged back in the game from another PC, I know exactly why you did that, you tried to trick me. I told you i want to inspect the PC which had the hack installed first 😉 You were stalling me for at least 5 minutes, to panickly delete everything on the affected PC. So no, you didn't give me INSTANT access, you tried to trick me first by giving me access to completly other PC to buy yourself more time, as if that wasn't suspicious enough. We keep BIOS computer logs when you enter the game, so we know when you actually play from different computers. Here is a quick snippet of our chat, I've pulled it from servers logs, to refresh your memory. After establishing session, I've began scanning your registry, but mid-scan, I decided to check your download history for KOXP in google chrome, for the kicks of it. You were so dumb you didn't even wipe your google chrome download history. At that point I clossed session as I've had the proof I need. In order to download KOPlugin, you must be a member of the website, which you were. You know what you did, we can see by our logs that you were bypassing attack packets during today's death match event. Your ban is fully justified, but with the hack download history, it's DOUBLE justified. I took a print screen of your PC during the session as a proof. From our yesterday's teamviewier session: Zoomed in: Secondary screen: On the left side you can see that you've actually DOWNLOADED KOPlugin, which means you actually REGISTERED on the website or you cannot download it. On the right side you can see your other screen which proves your discord that that it is you. I invite you to fully read our ToS, to which you've agreed: https://ko-myko.com/tac There is no such thing as a FALSE-POSITIVE ban, let's get that clear. People were actually reporting you all the time for range hacking, especially during DM event's and it's true, you were range hacking, because you used KOPlugin to hit the skills for you. There was no injustice here, stop playing the victim, Victor. We of course have more internal logs ready to provide to PayPal in case you decide to dispute your payments which is a matter of private information and we reserve the right to keep it private for PayPal investigation, should you decide to charge back. However, considering you actually know your ban is justified (not sure why the pretend game is required here),I would believe you wouldn't do such a thing, as it would make you look even more childish 🙂 Best regards, KO-MyKO Team.
  10. We need your feedback regarding Wars, to see what you as players, would prefer more. Please cast your vote in the poll that you see above. KO MyKO Team ------------- Savaşlar hakkındaki düşüncelerinizi ve tercihlerinizi duymak isteriz. Lütfen anketimize katılarak fikirlerinizi bizimle paylaşın. KO MyKO Ekibi
  11. Flash

    item lost

    I've verified the log, and I cannot see any proof of you losing the 10 gbs, sadly.
  12. Hello. The cooldowns are longer then usual due to a very high slow rate, which is an issue of 1299 version. This was one of our implemented resolutions to battle with high slow rates. Best regards
  13. Flash

    KO Dual Monitor

    Windows key + p "Duplicate screen" option.
  14. Flash

    KO Dual Monitor

    Try to duplicate your screen while playing KO.
  15. Flash


    My friend, the welcome PM that you get, states that MASTER QUEST IS DISABLED. Comes this Friday 😄

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