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    For english speakers; Hello there, as i've written all those things in discord channel, once again i'm writing here for the people who not in discord channel. at 01.02.2021, around 04:30-04:50 AM, TBL clan members logged my account(TBLxAsylum) and trade everything that i've [items, money, nps] without my permission to their characters which is organized scam. For your information, before this scam, i had nothing to do with them like polemiq, fight or conflict. And after that, they banned me from whatsapp group, ts3 without tellin me anything. the ringleaders of this scam are ThosmasShelby(ThomasFuckinShelby), Neveos and SELAMINALEYKUM. Im makin it public inorder to let all those people know what kind of son of b*tch they are. They dont even answer my pms. If you dont believe me, reach me out via pm so i can send you the logs that i got from gms.(cant share them here cuz it contains some personal informations.) So next time watch out when u want to play or make deal with those guys. Have a good game everyone.

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