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  2. Clan Name : DisneyLand Clan Leader : ODENGAY Member : Mirzaaaaa Member : Andreea Member : Green Member : Oreo Member : DRIFTT Member : YolandViser Member : Gaynosaur Member : ImSeven
  3. Camel

    Undying Scroll (60% HP)

    Seems like a good idea to me but trust me it will make geared players even tanker , Some people goes to CSW / Clan wars with HP build as warriors which means they got 7500 - 8000 HP with 2k scroll , This undying scroll will make them reach 12-13k easy which means even without healer they can wipe a whole mages pt alone with just torment while mages will have what 6k hp with the undy sc max even less , and 72 cap is all about dying fast in PVP unless u got 3 priests setup and skilled descent warriors , Anyway basically you can tank a mages pt with 2 healers and even one if u could kill 2 - 3 mages before they hit second nova or u have a mage to cancel them once , I like the idea tho but trust me from my view it will make geared people way stronger than 70% of the players .
  4. Camel


    Collection Race in Bifrost with a different reward from original CR ( kill amount of each bifrost mob and 30 / 40 kills in PK and get something like 5 avarice and 100 or any good stuff since the CR isn't easy . Ejdahara in BOWL once a week or Felankor . Launch the exceptional items farm already in bowl .
  5. Camel


    I've some suggestions regards some items over floating the server 1- Forsaken Chitin Shield can be turned into normal one with basically the scroll Sheldon mentioned along with Some amount of BDW coupons , FT coupons since these items are totally going down in price ( 15 - 20% ) chance to make it tho . 2- Skeleton belts can turn into Glass belts with the same method but can add more requirements . 3- Clan war winners can be teleported to special room which contains idk some adjusted boss with lower drop rate than Isiloon or felankor similar but will require some materials like BDW coupons , FT coupons and 1 platinum bar or something . 4- Clan war winners ( 8 members only ) can receive also Felankor fragments so they can enter the cave if they won 4 times . 5 - Nobody gets into Clan war unless there are at least 3 parties ( to forbid abusing this in 6 AM clan war ) . Lemme know if you interested in any of these ideas i'll keep this post updated anytime i get a new idea so pls don't close it . Regards .
  6. Camel

    Clan NT

    Can we get this feature disabled ? or maybe make it like 16k KC so people stop abusing it , We're honestly just tired . Regards .
  7. Bro you mentioning good items tbh , i got enion bow +6 from my essence which worth NOTHING , i mean it's just gambling but yea probably need to boost the good items a bit more but the other items should just stay .
  8. Camel


    IGN : Dinosaur
  9. Camel

    Gold Chitins

    Any plans to boost the Gold Chitins ? at least for priests , Cospre chitin shells is like total less 8 defense than gold chitins set so basically no point going after the GOLD chitins , So maybe neither boost the defense abit more or add extra HP bonus to it like 12 on +6 and 15 or 14 on +7 . Regards .
  10. Camel


    1- Boost Chaos stone HP / Deff and bosses ( every boss should have the same items group ) . 2- Make something farmable in bowl or put exceptionals weapons to death mare . 3 - Boost all the big bosses ( every boss dies within few seconds cause the population so there is no fights over any boss ) 4 - disable full HP respawn when u relog in bifrost . 5 - Maybe make CSW twice a week instead of once . 6 - Update the reward of CZ monu and fix the bug cause trust me it's doesn't give the 15% NPs boost reward ( already reported that in beta ) . 7 - Update the CR rewards already or adjust it a bit . 8 - Fix and launch clan war and make it more than 2 times a week . These suggestions from my view and my clan so hopefully u consider em this time .
  11. Camel


    Here are some suggestion i would like to make poll about cause i can't find any option here to do so and if u don't mind you can do this poll on discord too 1- Reduce juraid gems drop rate from 100% to any suitable drop rate . 2- Remove Ring of the felankor from Felankor ( such items shouldn't even exist in 72 cap . 3- Better drops from 200 CR ( double the quest maybe and put a bit of better drops ) . i know you may have your own '' view '' and these are just suggestion , All i'm asking is just to make a poll so players can decide .

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