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  1. BADMF CLAN LEADER: BorisBrejcha MEMBER 1: OKSSm4le MEMBER 2: OKSTwellman MEMBER 3: OKSWinChenzo MEMBER 4: OKSMarso MEMBER 5: Ghengis MEMBER 6: OKSKante MEMBER 7: OKSJane MEMBER 8: OKSStrange MEMBER 9: OKSYesiyra MEMBER 10: OKSParadise MEMBER 11: 4Cx MEMBER 12 :Spenser MEMBER 13: Miral MEMBER:14 TZUSING MEMBER 15: JamesHunt MEMBER 16: Deff MEMBER 17: Killa MEMBER 18: Renegade MEMBER 19: MANWE MEMBER 20: Frog MEMBER 21: FuckingKiller MEMBER 22: R1ta MEMBER 23: Wolverine MEMBER 24: jerygirl MEMBER 25: Knari0 MEMBER 26: Leeroy MEMBER 27: DuWolfy MEMBER 28: M4LY OneKnightStand CLAN LEADER: WOGO MEMBER 1: TheLastpuch MEMBER 2: EstadoR MEMBER 3: Leclerc MEMBER 4: Winchenzo MEMBER 5: ParadiseGetOut MEMBER 6: LeqenDsForeveR MEMBER 7: Proxuant MEMBER 8: BlurryMel MEMBER 9: HerculeS MEMBER 10: KOPFSHUSS MEMBER 11: JaegerLaCoutre MEMBER 12: VacheronConstantine MEMBER 13: Numbc0re MEMBER 14: Dybala MEMBER 15: SpeedyPendejo MEMBER 16: GodOfHeal MEMBER 17: GTX2080TI MEMBER 18: TheVIP MEMBER 19: Asagrim Tek clan yetmiyor :))

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