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  1. SheldonCooper

    3.5.2021 CHANGELOG

    1) Mage damages calculations have been optimized with a custom equation that is now taking in consideration also staff AP (which was being disregarded previously) 2) Dark Vane & Moonlight dagger have been slighty optimized to fit better within other dagger sets. +7 Moonlight got increase in elemental by 2 points, +8 Moonlight got increase in elemental by 4 points. Same goes for dark vane +7 / +8 elemental increased in same matter. Dark Vane +7 / +8 HP deduction halved by 50% and MP deduction reduced by 30 MP (e. g. -160 MP -160 HP would now be -130MP -80 HP ) 3) Themis Sword elemental enhanced +6 (90) +7 (100) +8 (115) fire elemental 4) Personal Sword +6/+7/+8 Elemental Boosted by 5 points 5) Spear of selfname+7/dagger+7 (+2 elemental points) Spear of selfname+8/dagger+8 (+5 elemental points) 6) Personal Bow +7/+8 elemental damage boosted by 5 points aswell 7) Avedon +7/+8 boosted by 10 elemental damage 8 ) BDW ring crafting is nerfed, you now need 15 coupons to craft a +0 BDW ring not (as previously) 25 9) Golden Dragons now have a decent chance to drop Undefeatable Ingots and Krowaz Nuggets beside the existing item drop groups. -- TR -- 1)Mage sinifinin verdigi hasarlar, stafflarin APlerini de isin icine katan yeni bir denklem ile yeniden hesaplandi. (Onceden stafflarin APsinin bir onemi yoktu) 2) Dark Vane ve Moonlight isimli esyalarda iyilestirmeye gidildi. +7 Moonlight’in element hasari 2, +8 Moonlight’in element hasari ise 4 artirildi. Ayni iyilestirme +7 ve +8 Dark Vanelere de getirildi. Dark Vane +7 / +8’in HP düsürme miktari %50 azaltildi. Ayrica MP dusurmesi 30 azaltildi. (Ör: Eskiden bonuslar -160 MP -160 HP iken simdi -130MP -80 HP ) 3)Themis Sword isimli silahın element hasarlarında iyileştirmeye gidildi. (+6 / 90, +7 /100, +8 / 115) 4)70 lvl Personal Sword silahının+6/+7 ve +8’deki element değerleri 5’er puan artırıldı. 5)Spear of Selfname +7 ve Dagger of Selfname +7 silahlarının element hasarı 2, Spear +8 ve Dagger +8’in element değerleri ise 5’er puan artırıldı. 6)Selfname Bow +7 ve +8 element hasarları 5’er puan artırıldı. 7)Avedon isimli silahın +7 ve +8'deki element hasarları 10'ar puan artırıldı. 8 ) BDW yuzuk yapimi icin gerekli olan kupon sayisi azaltildi. Artik +0 BDW Yuzuk 25 Kupona degil, 15 Kupona yapilabilecek. 9) Golden Dragon isimli yaratigin esya havuzuna Undefeatable Ingot ve Krowaz Nugget eklendi.
  2. KO-MYKO.COM - KROWAZ ARMORS CRAFTING GUIDE Following up to feature of creating undefeatable weapons. We have now launched a similar system also in the ARMORS department. Same "Melting" system applies, just here you will have to melt different grades and types of armors: Chitins+7/+8, Cospre Chitins+7/+8, Shells +7/+8, Cospre Shells +7/+8, Gold Chitins +6/+7 & Enhanced Gold Chitins +6/+7 1) So the first thing you will need are Krowaz Armor Nuggets which you will get from melting down above mentioned armors. You can check how many Nuggets you get per armor and per grade of armor on the NPC menu description ingame. Lowest you can get is 5x Nuggets (+7 regular chitin boots or gloves), Highest you can get is 226x Nuggets (+8 cospre shell pauldrons) 2) The second material you will need is "Feral Blood Concentrate" The Concentrate can be crafted by farming 20x Blood Seeker Piece & 20x Beast Piece and then exchanging it to 1x "Feral Blood Concentrate" 3) Once you obtain enough Nuggets and Feral Blood Concentrates you can craft your desired Krowaz Armor of choice, comes at grade +5 already. See the recipe guide to see how many piece of each material you need for your desired item! Here you can also see the stats of all Armors per Class from Grade +5 to +8. GREAT NEWS: With this patch you can also create BATTLE PRIEST KROWAZ ARMOR, and PAPER MAGE KROWAZ ARMOR! 😉 Picture of armor stats is large, zoom in to find your armor set and check the stats:
  3. Hail Knights! Today we celebrate 3 months anniversary! We have prepared some nice events for this occasion: 1. Golden Dragon Egg Sale with special price 850 KC active all day! 2. SPECIAL COLLECTION RACE (CZ + LNS Zone): 70 player kills, 7 atross 7 riotes, 60 rewards, 120 minutes long - Reward: 25x UNDEFEATABLE INGOT 3. BOUNTY EVENT: Randomly activated through CR events BOUNTY + CR EVENT Start: 20:45 Server Time (GMT+2) / 21:45 TR SAAT See you online 🙂 https://ko-myko.com/
  4. Hail Knights, the time has come for a new item expansion! Main goal of this item expansion is that you will have to recycle aka "Melt" +7 or +8 high class and exceptional weapons into raw Ingot materials which will be used for crafting undefeatable items. This way the old standard farming weapons are going to be used again and will keep its farm value! 1) So the first thing you will need are Undefeatable Ingots which you will get from melting down high class or exceptional items +7/+8. High class items +7 will melt to 5 Undefeatable Ingots High Class Items +8 will melt to 50 undefeatable Ingots Exceptional items +7 will melt to 10 undefeatable Ingots Exceptional items +8 will melt to 100 undefeatable Ingots 2) The second material you will need is "Undefeatable Bone Powder" The powder can be crafted by farming 3x Riote Piece, 3x Atross Piece and 3x Death Mare Piece and then exchanging it to 1x Undefeatable Powder 3) Once you obtain enough Ingots and Bone powders you can craft your desired Undefeatable weapon of choice, comes at grade +5 already. See the recipe guide to see how many piece of each material you need for your desired item! Here you can also see the stats of all weapons from Grade +5 to +8. Let the new ERA begins 😉
  5. Adding few registrations from PMs: RacooN Warrior WonderB0y Warrior MARSHAAALLL Assassin Lycurgus - sin Type a message
  6. SheldonCooper

    72 level

    In myko 1299 client there are no 72 skill mechanics and also can not be implemented to the game. Like blinding effects for the rogue 72 skill. I think you are not a very skilled rogue to be honnest, I've noticed you've been complaining about class balance all the time and that rogue is weak. But I see strongest rogues on server doing 2v1 or 3v1 on warriors, so why would we give an extra strong skill to assassin? This doesn't make any sense at all to me. Maybe it's time for you to change the class ... assasssin is not your best, is what I can conclude from all the remarks coming from you so far 🙂 Best Regards
  7. Example application: IGN: GM_SheldonCooper Class: Archer
  8. Dear Knights!We are going to host our Second 1 vs 1 Event On Saturday 20.3.2021 at 17:30 Server time! [IMPORTANT] ALL PLAYERS WILL HAVE SAME ITEMS! IT WILL BE HOSTED ON EVENT SERVER 🙂 [IMPORTANT] ALL PLAYERS MUST CREATE CHARACTERS ON OFFICIAL SERVER AND REGISTER ON THIS TOPIC, BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS ON "EVENT" SERVER You need apply for the event till Saturday 20.3.2021 12:00 Server Time, later applications will be discarded!How to apply?Type your nick and your classExample:IGN: GM_SheldonCooper Class: Rogue-AssassinWe will host event in 5 categories*:1. Rogue Archer VS2. Rogue Assassin VS3. Warrior VS4. Battle Priest VS5. Mage VSRules:1. You can apply only for 1 category2. No anti defense armors (Talia, DD, Spear, Sword, Axe, or any shields etc)3. No Acid Potions, NO STYX4. No Sliding5. No special HP Regen items (NO Abyss Blessing, NO Rice Cakes, NO Green Pearl)6. Battle Priests are NOT ALLOWED to use shields7. You CAN USE 2000 Buff, 350 AC and 25% AP Scroll from CZ Points. 8. *Each category MUST have miniumum 5 applications otherwise it will be canceled. Rewards for Winners:Top 1: Wings of Fallen Angel+1, 3x OLD ring of choice (old roc or old rol) + 2000 KCTop 2: 2x Wings of Fallen Angel+0 of choice, 2x old ring of choice + 1000 KCTop 3: 1x Wings of Fallen Angel+0 of choice, 1x old ring of choice + 700KCI will make a random draw with competing pools after applications will close on Saturday 12:00. --------------------------------------------------------------------- [TR] Değerli Şövalyeler! 20.3.2021 Cumartesi akşamı saat 19.30’da sunucumuzun Ikinci 1 vs 1 Etkinliğini düzenliyoruz! [ÖNEMLİ]BÜTÜN KATILIMCILAR EŞİT EŞYALARA SAHİP OLACAK! ve bu etkinlik EVENT SUNUCUSUNDA YAPILACAKTIR 🙂 [ÖNEMLİ] “EVENT” SUNUCUMUZDAKİ ETKİNLİK BAŞLAMADAN ÖNCE BÜTÜN OYUNCULARIN RESMİ SUNUCUMUZDA KARAKTER OLUŞTURUP, BAŞVURU YAPMALARI GEREKMEKTEDİR. Etkinliğe katılabilmek için 20.3.2021 Cumartesi günü saat 14.00’e kadar kayıt yaptırmanız gerekmektedir, aksi takdirde başvurunuz geçersiz sayılacaktır. Nasıl kaydolacağım? Nickini ve karakter sınıfını yazman yeterli Örnek: IGN: GM_SheldonCooper Class: Rogue-Assassin Etkinlik 5 Farklı kategoride gerçekleşecektir *: 1. Rogue Archer VS 2. Rogue Assassin VS 3. Warrior VS 4. Battle Priest VS 5. Mage VS Kurallar: 1. Her oyuncu maks. 1 kategoride yarışabilir. 2. Anti-def zırhları YOK (Talia, DD, Spear, Sword, Axe, Kalkan vs.) 3. Acid Potion YOK, Styx YOK 4. Kayarak vurmak YOK 5. Normal POT’ların dışında regen eşyası YOK (Abyss Blessing, Rice Cake, Green Pearl vb.) 6. BP’lerin KALKAN kullanması YASAK 7. CZ Puanlarıyla alınan 2000 Buff, 350 AC and 25% AP Scroll’leri kullanabilirsiniz. 8. *Her kategoride en az 5 katılımcı şartı aranmaktadır. Bu sayıya ulaşılamadığı takdirde o kategorinin etkinliği iptal edilecektir. Ödüller: Top 1: Wings of Fallen Angel+1, 3x OLD ring (old roc or old rol) + 2000 KC Top 2: 2x Wings of Fallen Angel+0 of, 2x old ring + 1000 KC Top 3: 1x Wings of Fallen Angel+0 of, 1x old ring of + 700KC Kura çekimi, başvurular kapatıldıktan sonra yapılacaktır.
  9. SheldonCooper

    9.3.2021 CHANGELOG

    9.3.2021 CHANGELOG 1. Flame Ring, Shio Tears, Imir Ring upgrade is open to +2 (25% Rate). This will balance out the damages for mages, they will be stronger against melles who are rapidly gaining resistances from juraid accessory. 2. Foverin ring is also upgradable to +2, it will make this ring more worthy now, especially for Poison Weapons. +2 ring has 14 poison damage, nice defense and good resistances also. 3. PK Random Rewards are updated (the ones you get every 100 kills): Items like Tota+4, MD+4, Glave+4, IronXbow+4 are removed. Chitin armors will now come at +4 directly, chance to get Gold Chests is tad boosted. 4. CR Random Rewards are updated: Chance to obtain monster staff increased, Chance to get gold chest increased, regular chitin drops are completely removed from the reward pool, Shell Amors and Exceptional weapons will come directly at grade+4 5. Unique drop rate is slightly increased on bowl bosses and old bosses 6. Essence of Bowl GAMBLE is tad boosted: Chances to drop Old IN, Old IB, Old Rings, Glass Belt and Forsaken Chitin Shield is slightly increased! 7. BOSS WAR Event is activated and will be run as per website schedule! When active join via moradon gate! 8. DM drops are tiny bit reworked, chitins no longer drop at +1 but comes directly at +4. 9. Chaos Stone can now also spawn [Snake Queen] & [Harpy Queen] 10. CSW Artifact healing is blocked (You can not use 10k heal, 1920 heal or Superior restore on the crystal artifact anymore) - This will make CSW battle even more intense as there will be more fast paced fight around the artifact! 9.3.2021 Güncelleme Notları: 1. Flame Ring, Shio Tears ve Imir Ring artık +2’ye yükseltilebilirler. (Geçme oranı %25). Bu sayede Juraid takıları sayesinde daha da fazla resist kazanan melee’lere karşı bir nebze de olsa güçlenecek ve verdikleri hasar dengelenmiş olacaktır. 2. Foverin ring de artık +2’ye yükseltilebilecek. Özellikle Poison build ile beraber Foverin’in hakettiği değeri bulacağını düşünüyoruz. +2’si 14 Poison hasarı, arttırılmış def ve resist’e sahip olacak. 3. Rastgele PK Ödülleri iyileştirildi. (her 100 kill): Tota+4, MD+4, Glave+4, IronXbow+4 gibi eşyalar ödül havuzundan kaldırıldı. Chitinler +4 olarak düşecek ve Gold Chest atma oranı arttırıldı. 4. CR ödülleri güncellendi. Monster Staff ve Gold Chest atma oranlar artırıldı. Chitinler ödül havuzundan tamamıyla kaldırıldı, Shell’ler ve Exceptional silahlar +4 olarak düşecek. 5. Bowl ve Old bossların Unique atma oranı artırıldı. 6. Essence of Bowl Görevi iyileştirildi: Old IN, Old IB, Old Ringler, Glass Belt ve Forsaken Chitin Shield düşme oranları artırıldı. 7. Takvimde belirlenen gün ve saatlerde yapılmak üzere BOSS WAR Etkinliği oyuna eklendi. Etkinliğe Moradon TP Kapılarından katılabileceksiniz. 8. DM droplarına hafif bir iyileştirme yapıldı. Chitinler artık +1 değil, +4 olarak düşecek. 9. Chaos Stone artık [Snake Queen] & [Harpy Queen] bosslarını da atabilecek. 10. CSW Artifact’i heallanamaz hale getirildi. (Taşa 10k heal, 1920 heal veya Superior restore basamayacaksınız) – Taşın etrafındaki kapışmayı kızıştıracağına inandığımızdan dolayı CSW’nin daha da eğlenceli hale geleceğini düşünmekteyiz.
  10. The applications are now closed. The competiting pool is posted in the first post of this topic. EVENT server will come online at 18:00 Server time (20:00 TR SAAT) + The event will start at 20:00 Server time (22:00 TR SAAT)
  11. Example application: Clan name: KO-MYKO.COM Members: 1.Sheldon, 2.Flash 3.007 4.Eph 5.Harvey 6.BotPlayer6 7.BotPlayer7 8.BotPlayer8
  12. 7.3.2021 20:00 GMT+1 (22:00 TR SAAT) 8 VS 8 CLAN VS EVENT IS HERE! - SAME ITEMS !! Hail Knights! -We promised you 8v8 clan VS event and now we will deliver it! As usual the event will be streamed as well as recorded and uploaded later on. -It will be hosted on EVENT Server, you will simply login with your account to the EVENT VS Server and your items will be waiting for you there. -All players will have the same items! Max possible best gear you can achieve on KO-MYKO! This means +1 EJderha rings, +8 enhanced gold chitins, +1 Iron Sets, ohhhh yeaaah this will be some hardcore showdown! -All characters will have CZ Points set to 20k so you can buy best scrolls from the NPC. Aswell as worms will drop all essentia PUS items, pots, lion scrolls, enchants, also 350 ac 2000 HP, 25% AP scrolls. -Talia creation and anti defense items are not possible, all drops are removed from mobs except for essential combat items that will drop on worms, if you run out of them 😉 -Apply your clan with 8 members that will fight for your clan's honnor in this topic no later till 7.3.2021 12:00! REWARDS ARE AS FOLLOWS: TOP 1: Felankor + Ultima boss + 1000x Essence of bowl for each member of the fighting party (8000 total) TOP 2: Felankor boss + 600x Essence of bowl for each member of the fighting party (4800 total) TOP 3: Ultima boss + 300x Essence of bowl for each member of the fighting party (2400 total) Essences can also be rewarded to clan leader directly with total amount, if you decide to gamble straight away and split the exchange items directly MAY THE BEST CLAN WIN! [IMPORTANT] You must have characters and clan created no later till 7.3.2021 12:00 (At this time applications will close and we will synch the clans over to event server and put same gear on every participants). ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN THE SAME CLAN 2X PRIEST IS THE LIMIT FOR THE PARTY - 3 PRIESTS NOT ALLOWED!
  13. Locking the topic applications are closed.

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