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  1. Selling: 65x abyss fire bronze earring+0 mage chitin pauldron+7 mage chitin pads+7 Buying: Dark vane+6 - 250m each (can buy more of them) Mirage daggers+7 120 each (can buy more of them) pm here or in game - TommyTheRipper
  2. When can we look forward to know randomly selected 6 clans? 🙂 Is it going to be before 7pm tomorrow, or after the launch so you can reality-check clans and their members?
  3. Clan: EnemySpotteDLeader: TommyTheRipperMember 1: KundivousekMember 2: zziippMember 3: BlackiNho Member 4: SsTtEeVvKkOoMember 5: DoMeSMember 6: ChopyMember 7: ShamanMember 8: NamrdMember 9: R4venMember 10: KilluaZoldyckMember 11: INeverDieMember 12: RoBOTiCMember 13: MrReyMember 14: ch1ck1taMember 15: ArtyFuMember 16: VENOMMember 17: FrenkyCzeMember 18: CasuelleMember 19: JelisMember 20: Cholera Member 21: UnSounD Member 22: Dejvoy Member 23: DragariaN IMPORTANT for admins: There are few characters, that will be shared due to lack of time. We made 2 characters (for 2 people), however there will be more than 12 different people (IPs) for sure. If you need to know, which accounts will be shared between two people, I can DM you characters nicknames. Other nicknames will be added as my clan mates decide wheter they use their casual nick name or something different and new lol.

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