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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzEgg2wbaEo
  2. youtube.com/watch?v=Lb2URPJF4hU
  3. ExecutedBy - Mage PK Team by ExecutedByOmar Sheldon's Edit: 1000 KC awarded already - rest is coming if the video is the winning when event finishes 🙂
  4. Clan : ExecutedBy™ Leader : - 1 Bin 2- ExecutedByBABAJoyy 3- ExecutedByRaf 4- ForeverHabibi 5- ExecutedByBin 6- ExecutedByOmar 7- ExecutedBySting 8- ExecutedByVasili 9- ExecutedByGoddess 10- ExecutedByDoofus 11- ExecutedByStyLee 12- Samael
  5. BUY 2x Flame Ring = 8gb BUY Lycaon staff+6- = 550m PM at Game name is EndlessHell7
  6. JohnnyCash


    2 My name at Game : EndlessHell7 Awarded 1000 KC already, if you will win top 5 videos you will receive the rest of the reward!
  7. BUY 2x Flame Ring -EP- Lycaon Staff +5 +6 - 2x earring hp +9 = 10 gb + PM at Game my name is xMromar or EndlessHell7 PM fast want PK this prices going down
  8. JohnnyCash


    buy Helmet & Boots Chitin Warr+6 /-/
  9. Hello kinght ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We Just Need Pro People in playing mage & Priest, we need only -2 Magician -1 Priest healer we are Active also we need you full Active IF You Are Mago you should make ur name as Following X+ur name, if you already have a mage no problem no need to make same Name Also We Are Use https://discord.gg/qPBJppUM Language : ENGLISH For Join Clan Just Speak to XMromar & Xbin or bin or xPharaoH clan Name will be Inferno Thank's
  10. BUY 2xArmor Style Scroll & Change Class & def+1 PM InvincibleMisFire7
  11. BUY Mage Paper Boots+7 & Gloves+7 & 2xoffense+1 2x done Buy sell BDW Belt done sell PM InvincibleMisFire7

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