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got banned

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hi my in game is CH4OS I got banned I don't know why and the worst thing that I don't see any items on my charcter 

help me please I don't know what goin on...

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(Yizhag Haim - itzikfabio@gmail.com) this name and gmail has been linked with your account regarding donations to the server via paypal service.
All transactions associated with your account have been reported with your financial institution that was linked to paypal payments as "unathorized transaction" I suggest you cancel all open disputes of these transactions before we can continue this discussion any further.

Associated characters that at one point recharged KC with this PayPal are:  HiddenDagger, DOOM, CH4OS, N95, MaKoranHAVA, MrKickYourAss, ZEVEL,SoulSuvivor,Viper

Until all disputes are canceled (or re-paid in full) on your end your accounts will remain blocked as it is in violation with our terms of service. You will also be banned from any further KO-MyKO Server.

Purchases on our KO-MyKO server are completely voluntary. Before you purchase anything please note that you are not allowed to, and can not charge back as your payment will already be used to support server project. If you attempt to open dispute on paypal your gaming account will be suspended. In your attempt of trying to dispute transaction this section of user agreements will be shown to paypal review specialists along with other articles of user agreements. If you already purchased something and your account has been suspended, reason for your account suspension is violating game rules and (or) user agreements. Please note that if you have purchased something, you have no immunity and you must obey ingame rules and user agreements. KO-MyKO Server vouch that your account will not in any case be suspended falsly or with harmful or fraud intentions. If your account has been suspended it's been justified.


Opened cases (and this isn't even all of them):


All of these chargeback cases were filled via your bank, some reasons used were "cancelled preapproved payment", although we do not even offer any subscription based services, other of htem being "item not as described", although our system is automated so you get KC as soon as payment is completed, so it cannot be not as described, because you get exactly what you pay for, Knight Cash.

Best regards

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Apperently, now the reason for this chargeback is that "we told you to chargeback our project back" on 9th of April to your IGN: SoulSurvivor, but you were donating untill end of May, and played the server actively untll late June, as soon as server got less active, we were hit with chargebacks from you, how convinient from your side. You are now trying to make it look based on this screenshoot that I told you to charge US back, but you didn't show conversation before or after these lines, which I will now prove that this was being reffered to the KC exploiter, and I kindly told you that if you paid any USD to him, that I suggest you to charge HIM back (not us, obviously, why would I tell you to charge back my own game >.< ).


You now changed your reason for chargeback three times. Which one is it now, item not as described, you forgot to cancel subscription, which we don't even offer, or I told you to "charge myself back" on 9th of April for all of the payments upfront to May that didn't even exist yet?

I am attaching exactly what I wrote you on discord, including full chat logs from 9th of April, after you tried to deceive one of my GM's with false information that i supposedly "told you" to chargeback our server at that time, based on 1 line, edited image, you provided him with. I am now providing "your chat screenshoot from above" within the proper context, and now everything will make a lot more sense. So here is the full breakdown from 9th of April, what really happend, proof that we actually resolved this with you at that time already, proof that you were involved in the abuse of KC, but still got unbanned after investigation, with no punishment and furthermore, you resumed playing and keep donating untill late June normally.




Payments still being made after our in-game conversation from 9th of April when your character was temporarily banned for investigation but then unbanned, and you also charged those payments back. What for?



There is absolutely no further commentary required here. What is done is done and you've done us enough harm. The least we can do is make other server owners aware of you and ensure you will never be welcomed back into any of our server projects. We are very fair owners, and who ever plays our server knows we always restore a solid portion of Knight Cash onto the next server, so this was completely unnecessary from you.

KO-Myko Team

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