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Since i was asked and without a problem gave GM_Flash my information to access whatever part even remaking old deleted files (When i in fact did not hide anything) no 3rd party program was found running active. However a link from 13 days ago and a folder he could not open.

Reading your rules make me question if this is a abuse? The fact that my logitech macros are special is another matter. 

So to get it straight. Today i was i got accused of using something kalled Zed Bot, Flash, was very clear what program i was using. So of course i let him access my computer, but me visiting wrong  site AND NOT RUNNING ANY 3d PROGRAM AT THIS POINT. JUST WHEN ACCUSED, it doesent make any sense in term of your rules & conditions. What logs are not correct according to you? Keypresses? I dont get it. Because you obviously cannot tell me you found 3d programs on the computer nor running so it could not just have been exited because GM "Caught" me before i noticed.. Yet he had to to through my computer(S) just to find a 13 day D E L  E T E D   links. 

Warn me for visiting such sites while being a member of my-ko community or please give me some logs of what is not according with server rules please.

Not asking for a unban if my knight online client has TBL edits in it, neither if something else than G hub was running.. Information please flash, we could have taken this on discord if you were not so quick blocking  people..  

There should also be posted logs in how fast i was to leave this information aka its humanly possible to remove something that quick since i was inside the game at all times focusing on Flash. 
This is no diss to Sheldon or any other gm, but is Scanner KO Flash PMing people ASKING for permission to go through my computer? What if i went afk in loading screen out of DM because i had a babydaughter needing me? The whole conversation the whole way this went down was just wierd. Didnt seem right, especially considering my hours here.

Fuck it what else to add,  a ban made on assumptions on quite a serious character just like that with zero response.. Expected more, anyone would.

Clarity please.
Thanks for this time we guess


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Since you took it publically, I will also provide proofs, publically.

You were banned for using KOPlugin during yesterday's death match event, conveniently for you, it's free from 4 PM to 5  PM server time.


Our skill hack log is alarming us that you are hammering Death Match skill directly, with bypassing the KO utilization packet. This means you were hitting the skill, without it signaling "Using DM Blade" first, but in fact, you hit the skill directly, bypassing the start-up packets. This can only be possible with a KOXP. I'd love for you to show me how to hit a skill for example, that deals damage, but doesn't output the "Using Spike" info box. This is exactly what was going on at the time of yesterday's DM. Skils were being cast, but no start-up packets were being detected (Using SKILLNAME).

After this, I've requested access to your PC via teamviewer to inspect, at this point it was obvious, but I just wanted to confirm on your end. When I requested teamviewer access you logged off and logged back in the game from another PC, I know exactly why you did that, you tried to trick me. I told you i want to inspect the PC which had the hack installed first 😉 You were stalling me for at least 5 minutes, to panickly delete everything on the affected PC. So no, you didn't give me INSTANT access, you tried to trick me first by giving me access to completly other PC to buy yourself more time, as if that wasn't suspicious enough. We keep BIOS computer logs when you enter the game, so we know when you actually play from different computers.


Here is a quick snippet of our chat, I've pulled it from servers logs, to refresh your memory.


After establishing session, I've began scanning your registry, but mid-scan, I decided to check your download history for KOXP in google chrome, for the kicks of it. You were so dumb you didn't even wipe your google chrome download history. At that point I clossed session as I've had the proof I need. In order to download KOPlugin, you must be a member of the website, which you were. You know what you did, we can see by our logs that you were bypassing attack packets during today's death match event. Your ban is fully justified, but with the hack download history, it's DOUBLE justified.

I took a print screen of your PC during the session as a proof. From our yesterday's teamviewier session:


Zoomed in:


Secondary screen:


On the left side you can see that you've actually DOWNLOADED KOPlugin, which means you actually REGISTERED on the website or you cannot download it. On the right side you can see your other screen which proves your discord that that it is you.

I invite you to fully read our ToS, to which you've agreed: https://ko-myko.com/tac

There is no such thing as a FALSE-POSITIVE ban, let's get that clear. People were actually reporting you all the time for range hacking, especially during DM event's and it's true, you were range hacking, because you used KOPlugin to hit the skills for you. There was no injustice here, stop playing the victim, Victor.

We of course have more internal logs ready to provide to PayPal in case you decide to dispute your payments which is a matter of private information and we reserve the right to keep it private  for PayPal investigation, should you decide to charge back. However, considering you actually know your ban is justified (not sure why the pretend game is required here),I would believe you wouldn't do such a thing, as it would make you look even more childish 🙂 

Best regards,

KO-MyKO Team.

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This saddens me in a way. Never thought you'd be a cheater 😮 I even helped you by transfering inactive players from old clan to the new one, since we don't have clan namechange scroll and that was the only way.

Oh well I guess the greed to be top player was to strong on your side. Let it be a lesson perhaps for next time. And always know that, legit and skilled player will always overcome a cheater. It's never a good way to go do dark side of KO 🙂 The only was is to practice practice practice.

Best of luck on your future endeavours whereever the road may take you!

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