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9.4.2021 changelog

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CHANGELOG 9.4.2021
1. Bugs Bunny has been added around outer bowl with 20-25 minute respawn. They drop high class armors, weapons & Gold Treasure Chest (low rate).
2. Mini Isiloon, Ejderha & Isiloon AC has been nerfed accordingly.
3. BDW winners will now receive Gold Chest and losers Red Chest additionaly.
4. Stone Golem & Giant Golem chitin drop rate has been boosted.
5. Beginner Armors & Weapons have been boosted. Armors are now equal in defense to chitins +7 (but with 10 STR bonus), and weapons are now equal in attack to +8 middle class weapons (but with 50 poison damage).
6. 1x Undefeatable Ingot has been added to Collection Race event.
7. New undefeatable weapon expansion has been released. Read more about it on our forum:


1.Bugs Bunny isimli yaratik bowlun cevresine eklenecektir. Yeniden dogma suresi 20-25 dk olan bu yaratigin kutusundan High Class Zirhlar, silahlar ve dusuk oranla Gold Treasure Chest dusecektir.
2.Mini Isiloon ve Isiloon,Ejderha isimli yaratiklarin Def puani dusurulecektir.
3.BDW ödülleri guncelleniyor! Kazananlar Gold Treasure Chest ile, kaybedenler ise Red Treasure Chest ile odullendirileceklerdir.
4.Stone Golem ve Giant Golem isimli yaratiklarin Chitin dusurme oranlari artirilacaktir.
5.Baslangic Zirhlari ve Silahlarinda iyilestirmeye gidilecektir. Zirhlarin defansi +7 Chitin’e fakat uzerindeki bonus ise +6’ya esit olacaktir. Silahlar +8 middle classa denk olacaklardir. (Uzerlerinde 50 Element olacak sekilde ayarlandilar)
6.Collection Race etkinliklerinin odul havuzuna 1x Undefeatable Ingot eklenecektir.
7.Undefeatable Silahlar geliyor! Daha fazla bilgi icin: https://forum.ko-myko.com/index.php?/topic/420-ko-mykocom-undefeatable-items-expansion-friday-942021/

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