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1 vs 1 Event - APPLICATIONS OPEN - SAME ITEMS - 25.9.2021 17:00 GMT+2 / 18:00 TR SAAT

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      Job=Arch Mage

      Herkese Şimdiden Başarılar Diliyorum Jobunuzun Ne Olduğu Önemli Değil Ama Possionsan Vs Başı Glacier Gösterip Sonra Possionları Takmayın Ali Cengiz Oyunlarına Gerek Yok.

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VS event participants are ready, here is video of random selection

Live results progression available on these links:
Mages: https://challonge.com/zoarw3pz
Battle Priests: https://challonge.com/b9o4v1dn
Assassins: https://challonge.com/2gxjl1lb
Warriors: https://challonge.com/1x5l9ch2

Event server will be put online at 15:00 GMT+2 / 16:00 TR

VS event will start at 17:00 GMT+2 / 18:00 TR
Order of categories will be like this:
1. Mages
2. Battle Priests
3. Assassins
4. Warriors

You will be able to watch the stream on the link @Flash will provide

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