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Here are some suggestion i would like to make poll about cause i can't find any option here to do so and if u don't mind you can do this poll on discord too 

1- Reduce juraid gems drop rate from 100% to any suitable drop rate . 

2- Remove Ring of the felankor from Felankor ( such items shouldn't even exist in 72 cap . 

3- Better drops from 200 CR ( double the quest maybe and put a bit of better drops ) .

i know you may have your own '' view '' and these are just suggestion , All i'm asking is just to make a poll so players can decide . 


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Thank you for the suggestions 🙂

1. Has been taken care of after the first Juraid and is already affective.

2. Totally understandable! We will take that out and make it only drop normal uniques.

3. No worries, when we will feel the time is right we will update the CR Event rewards.

it is not about "better drops". We want people to start making middle class items +8 as well 🙂

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